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Moving Up- Alexa Payne asks Cory Chase if she can stay in the main house instead of the guest house, because she really loves the house! Cory tells her that if she gets pregnant then she can stay in the main house. They call Luke Longly's name and he comes rushing to the guest house to see what's going on. Cory suggests that Luke cum deep inside of her step-sister's pussy to try and get her pregnant. Luke is ready for the task! Luke takes off his pants and he lies down on the bed. Alexa and Cory climb on the bed next to him and they both start to suck his cock. He fucks Alexa in the doggystyle position while she is eating Cory's pussy out at the same time. When he is ready to cum, he explodes deep inside of Alexa's pussy...Stuck Looking for MILF Glue- Cory and Alexa are in search of the MILF glue! They walk through the upstairs hallway until they reach one of the guest bedrooms. Alexa crawls underneath the Queen sized bed and she reaches her arm under the bed, in search of the MILF glue! 'I think I'm stuck under here,' Alexa says a few moments later. Cory tries to pull Alexa out but she isn't strong enough to get her out. She calls for Luke to come up and help her pull her step-sister out. Luke comes running up the stairs, and he decides to fuck Alexa's pussy to try and suction cup her out! He fucks her for a few minutes until she manages to get unstuck! Creampies for Rent-She did find the MILF glue under the bed, so now they are ready to use it. Cory pours some MILF glue on Alexa's pussy, and then Luke shoves his cock deep inside of Alexa. Cory and Alexa both move into the doggystyle position next to one another, so Luke can go back and forth between the two of them. Then, Cory climbs on top of Luke and she rides his cock in the cowgirl position. Cory and Alexa switch places and Alexa bounces up and down on Luke's hard cock next. He fucks her pussy until he's ready to cum, and then he creampie's her pussy...! The three of them watch as his cum drips out of her pussy and down her ass hole.