Making Things Right - Sis Swap

Channel: Sis Swap

Alexander and Harper are having wild sex, and Nicky, Harper’s stepbrother, doesn’t know it. Nicky is also Alexander’s best friend, so he feels awful when he finds out the worst way possible. Later on, Nicky and Alexander meet to discuss how to sort out this situation. Nicky is horny for Willow, Alexander’s sexy stepsis, so he proposes fucking her to peace things up. Alexander finds no better solution, so the two meet with Harper and Willow to discuss the new agreement. Willow is more than happy to fuck Nicky to patch things up between the two friends. In fact, she is so eager that she starts blowing Nicky right in front of Alexander and Harper! Far from feeling uncomfortable, Harper goes down on Alexander alongside her friend Willow. But as Harper accidentally feels his stepbrother’s cock, Nicky suggests it is time to swap!