Remote Control Orgasms - Sis Loves Me

Channel: Sis Loves Me

Jay finds his little stepsis Chloe’s secret vibrator remote control lying around in the living room. As soon as he realizes what it is, he starts messing around with it. Chloe wants it back but Jay ignores her begging and makes his stepsister moan by toying with it. Chloe tries to convince his stepbrother to leave her alone so Jay decides to make a bet with her: if she gets a better grade than him on their final math exam, he will give it back. However, if her performance doesn’t improve, he can play with it all summer long and make his stepsister cum whenever he wants. The pervy boy doesn’t just leave things there: he also jerks off in front of his stepsister while playing with the dildo’s remote control. The step-siblings’ relationship becomes filthier by the minute, with Chloe complaining to his stepbrother about his pervy behavior while secretly enjoying every time she gets to see and taste his cock.