My Wife's Teen Girl Is An Exhibitionist #02 - Penelope Kay, Ramon Nomar & Eric John, Scene #01 - Out Of The Family


Eric John is showing his gardener, Ramon Nomar, what kind of improvements he would like to make to the greenery around his home. Suddenly, Eric's stepdaughter, Penelope Kay, runs outside to greet them... with her bare breasts showing! Eric is annoyed and tells her to go back inside, then apologizes to Ramon, explaining that Penelope is an exhibitionist. Ramon doesn't mind, saying it's clear that she's a free spirit. However, Eric is unamused and goes inside to lecture Penelope, telling her she shouldn't be flaunting her body to the gardener. But Penelope is dismissive, saying she probably made Ramon's day.After Eric leaves the room, Penelope looks out the window and sees Ramon working outside. She catches his attention by performing a striptease right by the window, and he takes out his cock to show how much he appreciates her display. Eric then comes back into the room just in time to see Penelope letting Ramon inside. Eric is stunned, but continues to silently watch even as Penelope sucks Ramon's cock and then lets Ramon tittyfuck her and pound his cock into her pussy!