My Wife's Teen Girl Is An Exhibitionist #02 - Mackenzie Mace, Seth Gamble & Mike Avery, Scene #03 - Out Of The Family


Mike Avery sees that his stepdaughter, Mackenzie Mace, is doing some stretches outside, so he asks her what she's doing. She says that she's getting ready for a jog, but Mike disapproves, because he KNOWS what her idea of a jog looks like. But Mackenzie says that she's 18, so she can do what she wants. With that, she strips out of her clothes and runs off, because she likes to jog NAKED.Meanwhile, Mike's friend Seth Gamble is on his way to visit Mike, and he gets quite an eyeful when Mackenzie jogs past him. When Seth tells Mike about what he saw, Mike explains that Mackenzie is an exhibitionist. Seth is surprised but tries to shrug it off, and he goes inside with Mike to watch the game on TV.After watching TV with Mike for a bit, Seth glances outside and sees that Mackenzie is now doing nude exercises on the patio. After Mike leaves the room to get some pretzels, Seth goes out onto the patio to flirt with Mackenzie. By the time Mike comes back with the pretzels, Seth is enthusiastically pounding his cock into Mackenze's pussy. Mike is NOT amused, and tells Mackenzie to go back inside.However, Mackenzie refuses to accept defeat... So when Mike and Seth resume watching the game, she proceeds to have sex with Seth, while making sure that Mike sees EVERYTHING they're doing!