I Tittyfucked My Mother-In-Law! - Katy Jayne & Donny Sins, Scene #02 - Out Of The Family


Donny Sins is having some difficulties in his marriage, so he decides to have a talk with Katy Jayne, one of his wife's parents. Katy turns out to be a helpful in-law who patiently gives him some advice, which makes him feel a little better. But to his surprise, she takes things one step further by offering to let him tittyfuck her!Needless to say, Donny is surprised. Katy explains that she doesn't want him to get tired of his marriage and end up leaving her little darling. Besides, Katy is getting a little bored of HER marriage too, so why not solve each other's problems while keeping it in the family... as long as they don't tell anybody, of course!