I Tittyfucked My Mother-In-Law! - Brittany Andrews & Brad Sterling, Scene #01 - Out Of The Family


Brad Sterling is helping his wife's parent, Brittany Andrews, by doing some repairs in her bathroom. Brittany is pleased, saying that she's very lucky to have such a handy in-law.After Brad finishes the repairs and exits the bathroom, he's surprised to find Brittany wearing sexy lingerie and posing on her bed. She tells Brad that she suspects her husband is cheating on her, because he hasn't been tittyfucking her anymore... but Brad thinks her tits are nice, aren't they? Brad admits that she has nice breasts, and Brittany says that if he thinks she's sexy, and SHE thinks he's also sexy, then they might as well have sex!Brad is shocked at first, but Brittany convinces him to give in to temptation. She sucks on his cock to get it all warmed up for plenty of fun, and they proceed with energetic sex to make her boobs bounce. Of course, he also gives her the tittyfucking she's been craving!