BAD Relatives #02 - Kitana Montana & Brick Danger, Scene #01 - Out Of The Family


Brick Danger's wife has let her sibling, Kitana Montana, stay at their house for a few days. Brick is NOT happy about it- Kitana's TROUBLE with a capital T. She has a reputation for being a total homewrecker, as well as having a knack for general chaos and mischief. The LAST thing Brick wants is to have THAT kind of energy around his home... but he'll have to grit and bear it for the time being since his wife won't take no for an answer. One day, while Kitana is sunbathing by the pool in a skimpy bikini, Brick approaches her and strikes up a conversation. Her breasts are barely contained within the fabric of her swimwear, and the tattoos that cover her body glisten in the sun as she applies suntan lotion to her toned legs. It isn't long before Kitana tries to seduce Brick without remorse, even if it means betraying her own sibling! Will Brick be able to resist Kitana's homewrecking ways? Or will he give in and let this BAD relative show him a GOOD time?