Family Fucks - S11:E5 - My Family Pies

Channel: My Family Pies

Sylvia Laruen is sleeping peacefully as her husband Steve seems to be masturbating beside her. What Sylvia doesn't know is that Tiffany Tatum sucked her stepdad's dick until he came all over her. The next morning, Steve reminds Sylvia that his son will be arriving from America that day. This is Tiffany's first opportunity to meet her stepbrother, Erik Everhard. Erik is tired from his journey so he decides to take a nap. While Erik sleeps, Steve asks Tiffany to take care of him. She is to do anything to make him feel welcome. Tiffany is agreeable to that, and she heads to her room to get dressed. Meanwhile, Steve tries to teach his son a small crash course in the Hungarian language and culture.Silvia accidentally walks in on Erik while he's showering and takes a good long look at his hardon. When Tiffany goes looking for her mom, she gets an eyeful as well. Unlike Sylvia, Tiffany isn't about to turn that big one down. She slips into the bathroom and peels off her clothes much to Erik's surprise to help Eric get clean. Later, Tiffany runs around vacuuming in her panties. She knows Erik's eyes on her as she bounces onto the couch allegedly to chat. Later, Tiffany plops onto the couch between Erik and her mother and waits until Silvia is distracted by the TV to reach over and rub Erik's hardon while hitching her miniskirt up to rub her muff. Erik tries to leave, but Tiffany excuses herself and follows him in.After a bit of coaxing, Tiffany peels off her top and lets Erik touch her small titties and dewy pussy. She puts her mouth to work sucking him off to help him relax, then encourages him to feast on her greedy twat. Erik is great with his hands and tongue, but Tiffany is mostly interested in getting his hardon inside her. She begins her exploration by riding Erik, then takes it down a notch for a spooning fuck as she does her best to hold the moan. On her hands and knees, the sex kitten purrs with delight as Erik keeps giving it to her. As Erik can't take it another moment, he gives in to Tiffany's begging to pop a load in her for a hot creampie.