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The cable is out, so Jessica Ryan is trying to get the baseball game on the radio. She's dolled up in her slutty baseball outfit. When Jessica's stepson, Rico Hernandez, asks what she's up to, she tries to explain her adoration for the sport. Unfortunately, she has a Freudian slip where she says she loves penis instead of peanuts. She admits that she has a fantasy of fucking the team's mascot. Rico asks Jessica if that's why she dresses so hot, which prompts Jessica to give him a lingering kiss on the cheek as her hand creeps up his thigh. Before anything else can happen, she tells Rico to go get ready for his baseball game. While Rico is out of the room, Jessica figures out just how to work off all her excess energy. She has a vibrator shaped like a baseball bat, and she knows just how to use it to give herself a home run. Popping her boobs from her sheer bra, she fondles those sweater puppies and pinches her nipples. Then she slides her tight shorts aside to go full masturbation. She's got her eyes closed and her head thrown back when Rico walks out wearing a mascot costume. He claims that there's a hole in the costume just as his dick springs free. What is horny Jessica to do but drop to her knees and suck off her living fantasy stepson? Getting on her hands and knees, Jessica instructs Rico to fuck her from behind. When Jessica takes a seat on the couch, Rico peels the costume off and then sits down beside her. Jessica takes the opportunity to climb aboard the SS Dick for a stiffie ride. Her reverse cowgirl fuck fest gets those big boobies bouncing. Jessica falls onto her back, thighs spread, and welcomes Rico back inside. Flicking her clit, she gets herself off once again before Rico pulls out to cover her muff and stomach with his jizz. Licking cum from her fingertips, Jessica points out that they have the whole baseball series ahead of them.