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Santa was making his Christmas Eve rounds and confirmed as much as a quaint and comfy residence with nice decorations and the same old considerate deal with of Milk and cookies for him. He began consuming the cookies and when he went to achieve for the milk he spilled the cup on the ground. He knew the noise would awaken the sleepyheads dreaming of sugarplums so he rapidly appeared for a hiding spot. Sophia Leone awoke her stepmother Alexis Faux who determined to attend for Santa by sleeping in her step daughter's room. They investigated the commotion heard in the lounge and found the spilled milk. As they cleaned up the mess of their skimpy panties and pores and skin tight, white child tees Santa could not assist however whip out his xmas log and play along with his toy as he ogled the attractive stepmother-stepdaughter duo on all fours. Alexis caught Santa caressing his jingle balls and was understandably shaken and stunned. Santa apologized profusely for his lewd and lascivious habits however as soon as they each acquired a great have a look at Santa's sweet cane he had nothing to be apologetic about. They sucked on it in tandem after which Alexis rode it like she was on his sleigh. Sophia joined in on the reindeer video games as soon as Santa had her in a doggy type place and put her on his naughty listing. Santa ended up busting his egg nog throughout their cookies after which dashed away to complete his evening earlier than Christmas deliveries with a large smile on his rosy cheeked face. Mrs. Claus just isn't going to love this one bit if she by some means will get a maintain of this replace!