Fuck You, Uncle Fucker! - Family Strokes

Channel: Family Strokes

Daisy Stone is one of those girls who wants to charge everything to daddy and mommys card. But when her stepmoms car breaks down on the way to the mall, her plans get changed. They are near her stepmoms uncles house, and even though they have never met, he takes a liking to Daisy right away. He gives her a big hug and a nice ass grab to go with it. But instead of being freaked out, Daisys curiosity is piqued, especially when her stepmom tells her that he is a perv! So, to find out more, she leaves her phone behind at her his house and comes back later on with her lady parts juiced up and ready to be penetrated. He is ready to go, and shows Daisy his dark surprise. She cannot believe how big it is as he pulverizes her pussy while standing up. Then, he flings her over his shoulders to eat her pussy in mid air. Daisy had no idea she could be so acrobatic!