My Step-Mom's Secret, Scene #01 - Family Sex Massage


Zac Wild returns home from class to what he thinks is an empty house. He calls out for his dad and his step-mom but nobody answers. On the counter are some snacks and a mysterious jug of something called 'Magic NURU Gel' which Zac assumes must have been left there by his parents. He brings it upstairs to put it back in their room when he overhears a soft voice speaking in the other room -- the voice is talking about rubbing gel all over someone's body, what the fuck is going on in his house today?!

Zac opens the bedroom door to sneak a peek and finds his step-mom Silvia Saige spread out on a rubber mattress on the bedroom floor, completely naked and rubbing oil all over her big tits and huge sensitive nipples. She seems to be practicing some kind of massage techniques. Zac's eyes bulge as he watches his step-mother feel her oiled-up body up and down, and his hand instinctively goes to his pants to touch himself. His perfect view is short-lived, however, when he accidentally knocks his belt buckle against the bedroom door. Silvia catches him staring and panics -- she loses her balance and starts to fall on the mat, and being a perfect gentleman, Zac moves forward to catch her, accidentally touching her breasts in the process. Silvia is mortified, she had no idea Zac would see this and doesn't want his father to find out, he doesn't believe in alternative medicine. That's why she's been practicing alone in the bedroom when he's away. Zac offers to let Silvia practice on him, and while she initially refuses, her step-son convinces her that it's either him or practice on dear old dad.

Silvia gets Zac to strip down and soon both mother and son are bare-skinned and in position to start a sensual family rub-down. Silvia drips the NURU gel from the bowl onto her step-son's back, and then coats her own motherly breasts with the liquid too. She starts grinding against his back, writhing and body-sliding against him and moaning as her pussy feels the friction against her own step-son's back. Then when Silvia flips Zac over, her step-son's solid muscles and huge stiff cock are staring her in the face and mom can't resist giving her boy's dick a tug. She takes more gel in her hands to lube up her wet and willing pussy and sits on her step-son's dick to ride him to climax. Like father, like son!