Mother Daughter Bonding, Scene #01 - Family Sex Massage


Silvia Saige walks into her living room to ask her stepdaughter Joseline Kelly what she's up to. Silvia's had a long day at work and wants to know how her day at school went. Joseline looks at her and responds in a bitter tone 'What do you care?' as she plays with her cellphone. Silvia walks towards her and sits down on the couch next to Joseline. With a sympathetic voice, she tells her that of course she cares about her. Joseline responds that if she cared so much she would have shown up to her cheerleading practice. Joseline knows full well she had to work that day and will come to the next one, Silvia retorts. Joseline exhales loudly and responds 'whatever' dismissively. Silvia shrugs her shoulders and gets up to leave the room.

A little later that day, Silvia approaches Joseline, who is in the living room sitting on a massage table and studying for a class. Joseline sighs and turns away from her, pretending to be immersed in her book. Silvia sits down next to her asking her what she's reading. It's for school says Joseline. Silvia says 'I figured it's for school honey but what subject is it specifically?' Joseline rolls her eyes and says she takes an online massage class. Silvia asks her when she started studying that. Joseline retorts that it doesn't matter since she can't help her. Silvia asks her what kind of help she needs. When Joseline blurts out that she needs someone to practice on. Silvia volunteers immediately. Joseline is surprised and asks her honestly if she's really willing to help her. Silvia tells her that she really means it and would do anything to help her. 'Anything?' Joseline says pensively. Silvia repeats 'Anything'

Silvia, eager to get in her daughter's good graces, quickly strips off her clothes and jumps up onto the massage table, lying face down. Joseline pours oil on her hands and starts massaging Silvia's naked body. Her mom is loving the massage, moaning softly. As her hands begin to massage Silvia's ass, Joseline can't help but bite her lip and compliment her mom's curves. Silvia thanks her softly, telling Joseline that she's really helping her glutes since it feels so...tight back there. Joseline seems hypnotized and can barely tear her hands away from Silvia's glistening ass, but eventually and with some difficulty she does, asking Silvia to turn over. Seeing her mom's gorgeous body stretched out in front of her, Joseline is dumbfounded. She quickly snaps back to reality and begins massaging Silvia's front side, starting with Silvia's long legs, before moving on to her stomach and eventually her ample breasts. As she lovingly massages her mom's wet tits, Silvia becomes more and more relaxed while Joseline becomes more and more turned on. Finally, Joseline has to say something, shyly asking her mom if it's weird that she thinks that her tits are really hot. Silvia sits up, tenderly telling her daughter that that isn't weird at all. If Joseline thinks her tits are hot...she should try her lips, Silvia says lustfully. Joseline leans in, kissing her mother sensually. Abruptly Joseline pulls away. She has second thoughts and feels like this is strange. Silvia reassures her, reminding her that she's only her step-mom, so there's no reason to feel strange. They resume their kiss as Joseline takes off her clothes. Silvia grins at the sight of her daughter's cute little ass. Joseline begins to lightly stroke her mom between her legs before lowering her juicy lips to Silvia's dripping pussy and licking passionately. Before long, Silvia is returning the favor and giving Joseline a kind of pleasure that she's never experienced before, eager to show her just how strong a mother-daughter bond can be.