Disgruntled Dad - Family Sex Massage


Tommy Gunn is in the kitchen when his doorbell rings. He opens the front door and finds a package waiting. He sees that the box is addressed to his step-daughter, Savannah Sixx, and curiosity gets the better of him as he takes a peek inside.His eyes widen and he blusters as he pulls out a couple of bottles and scrutinizes them. 'Savannah??' he calls to the other room. 'You better get your butt in here THIS INSTANT, young lady! You have some explaining to do!'When Savannah enters the room, Tommy lectures her about the 'sex lube' he thinks is in the bottles. Savannah is stunned, staring at Tommy. 'Sex lube??' Savannah tries to snatch the bottles back, but Tommy holds them out of reach, asking Savannah if she is sexually active. Savannah skirts around the questions, defending herself that these are massage oils, and besides, she's 18, so she can do whatever she wants. Tommy holds up his hands, then tries to settle down. He asks more about the massage oils. What is she doing with them anyways?? Savannah explains that she wants to go into massage therapy! She's been binge-watching massage videos and researching the hell out of the industry... She ordered some massage oils to practice and see if it's really right for her.But Tommy still doesn't quite believe Savannah, so she offers to massage him to prove that she really is interested in massage therapy. Tommy agrees to the massage, and they go to the bedroom. After they prepare the mattress. Savannahs asks Tommy to strip down. He feels really awkward but she reminds him that it's just part of the process. Savannah turns away to give him privacy as Tommy awkwardly strips down. Savannah sneaks a peek, looking alarmed that she did so but also secretly pleased after seeing his cock. Tommy then lays face down on the mattress.Savannah uses the massage oils to give Tommy a more traditional massage, but eventually she insists that her clothes are in danger of becoming messy. She'd like to remove them to continue the massage. Tommy is flustered and asks if that's what masseuses normally do... Savannah cheekily responds that, yup, it's the norm for NURU massages, which is what she wants to try next!Savannah explains what NURU is, and, after some hesitation from Tommy, gets him to agree to a NURU massage.After body sliding on his back for awhile, Savannah eventually tells Tommy to flip over. Tommy is mortified, saying he'd rather stay on his front. After some coaxing, he reluctantly rolls onto his back, revealing his hard cock.Savannah stares briefly at his cock but shakes herself out of it. She playfully tells him that she learned that people get aroused all the time. The heat intensifies as Savannah slides along his front and over his cock. Eventually, they are both so turned on and caught up in the heat of the moment that when Savannah offers a happy ending, Tommy can't resist. She grasps his cock in her hand and slips it into her mouth. This disgruntled dad won't STAY disgruntled for long!