Poker Night Swap Pt.2 - Daughter Swap

Channel: Daughter Swap

My dad doesnt usually invite me over to his friends house since he is always over there, but this time is different. He told me we are going to Tommys house for some sort of bring your daughter to poker night kind of thing, I guess it's his way of trying to bond with me, but I don't mind. Plus I love hanging out with my dads older friends , they are all so hot. We show up to Tommys house and I already got excited just being there. Ive seen the way hes looked at me at my house before but Im way to shy to ever say anything, but if I ever do get a chance I'd take it! A few rounds into the game and my dad is taking all of Tommys chips as usual and I'm just sitting here quietly following along this boring game when all of a sudden Zoe starts to suck my dads cock! I was so shocked I completely ignored it until she said she would only fuck my dad if I fucked hers!! It's like she was reading my mind this whole time and how I could I ever pass up a chance like this !