Objectify and Please Me - Dadcrush

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I want you to jack off for me, but I want it done my way. I have heard that you view women as objects. Do you view me as an object? How about now, when my skirt rides up? Can you think while my panties are all exposed? How about when I take my titties out and show you my pierced nipples? Well, I am going to need you to focus, because you are going to have to cum for me pretty soon. You can watch a little longer, while I play with my tight little pussy. You can even come closer and fuck me. That is right. I want you to fuck me hard. Keep going until you are ready to explode. Now, I want to feel your full load inside of me. Cum inside, and this will be the best session I have ever had! Do you want to see me back soon? Leave a comment to let me know!