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Laney and her step-father Mike welcome Lana, Laney’s best friend, into their home during the summer break. Laney is secretly attracted to her and wants an excuse to be alone with her bestie and get even closer. A VR set becomes the perfect excuse for the girls to play together innocently while still getting a preview of how hot things can get. However, everything changes when Mike comes home and sees his baby girl and her BFF rubbing their pussies while wearing the VR goggles. Stepdaddy wants in too, so he pretends to be part of the virtual reality the girls are immersed in to feel their tight pussies. But Mike’s plan doesn’t end up there. Noticing how eager Laney and Lana are to experiment with each other, he takes them to the room to properly guide them through their first fully lesbian experience while jumping in to play for support. The two BFFs are happy to share Mike’s cock together while exploring their naughty bisexual side.