More Than My Landlord - Dadcrush

Channel: Dadcrush

Evie rents Jay’s house and starts building a relationship with him. However, the rush of hiding a big secret is what really turns her on. She hasn’t seen him in ages but he doesn’t seem to recall that he used to be her stepdad a long time ago. She grew up always thinking about him, having the nicest memories, and secretly yearning for a taste of his dick. He doesn’t recognize her, but she needs to come clean, as filthy sex becomes a habit inside the house. Evie loves whenever Jay barges into her room while she’s changing or any other excuse to flash her sweet tits at him. Jay is a bit confused by the horny relationship that unfolds between him and his new tenant, but he decides to play along as Evie gets acquainted with his cock. Will she be able to tell him the truth about the secret and kinky bond that ties them together?